English is an imperative component when it comes to writing research, reviews, book chapters, thesis (Undergraduate/Postgraduate/PhD level), funding application proposals to scientific bodies as well as Power point presentations etc. Pharma Readers comprises of team of English speakers who are committed for offering high level English language editing services for students/researches to make sure that the manuscript is free of any type of English or grammar mistakes. Our experts take a careful note to affirm usage of justified punctuation, proper sentence formation and a smooth flow pattern in your document.

Our English language Corrections services are pretty fast and we do it on professional basis to stick to stipulated deadlines.

Incorrect — The advantage of employing Nanotechnology in nano medicines includes diverse specialties. For instance, reduce particle size and high bio-availability.

Correct — The advantages of employing nanotechnology in nano medicine includes diverse specialties; for instance, reduced particle size and higher bio-availability.


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