Generally, Projects fall into two categories namely Research Project and Review Project.
Basic elements of Research Project


Title gives the first impression of your work in the mind of readers. It should describe the content clearly and precisely. Overall, it is the selling tag for your article. It may be noted that the search engines and indexing databases relies on the accuracy of the title – since they uses the keywords to identify relevant articles.


Briefly summarizes the problems, the method, the results and the conclusions so that the readers can decide whether or not to read the whole content.


Important words reflecting the whole content or research work.


It should clearly state the-problem being investigated; background that explain the problem; and reasons for conducting the study. In addition, it should also explains the findings of relevant data of others and make sure you are challenging or extending.


It should provide sufficient scientific information so that the work can be repeated. It can be arranged with the help of appropriate experimental design and subheadings to impart clarity.


This section presents your research findings and explains its correlation with existing reports. It should follow the logical sequence duly supported by tables, figures and schemes to answer the question or to meet the hypothesis.


Describes what your results means in the context of what was already known about the subject. This discusses the discrepancies between observed and previously reported results in similar similar line of investigation.


Identifies the key finding and application to the subject and technology. It can also be narrated as a virtual duplication of the abstract with special emphasis of future directions for the adopted work


Should be latest and relevant. Must follow the instructed and specific referencing style.

Review Projects basically address the current state of the art on the subject matter.

Basic components that needs judicious while writing a review article are:

Selection of appropriate and catchy Title
Exhaustive literature survey
Succinct and comprehensive outline of the article
Main features (Depend on title/subject)
Summary and Conclusion
Future aspects

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